Collaborating on a Pad

Taking notes or collaboratively editing a document online? Using pads from an online collaboration service such as Etherpad is the most secure and convenient way to do that. You can create an even more secure pad through, which ensures that your collaborative efforts aren’t being logged or captured by outside parties

If you’re taking notes or collaborating on writing something or just about any kind of writing that may require collaboration but you don’t want to keep it permanent (maybe for security or privacy reasons) use the pad. It’s a text inputting program, on-line, that allows input from everyone looking at the screen, no matter where they are. Sounds potentially disorderly but…

You name the pad you’re looking at by inventing the url and then you can give it to collaborators. If someone doesn’t have the url, they can’t find the page.
And…it disappears after 30 days if nobody’s edited or added to it.
The combination of those two make for a fairly secure collaborative document.
Etherpad is available at its own website. But if you use Rise-up’s instance of the pad, you can also be sure nobody’s logging, capturing or viewing what you do. Follow that link and follow the instructions.

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